Professional 3-D Modeling Services

3-D ModelingThe professionals at Centre Pointe Surveying are the Pacific Northwest’s premier 3-D modeling experts. Locally-owned and operated, we’ve provided quality results to commercial customers in the Pierce and South King County area since 1996. Our highly-trained and experienced specialists help ensure your development project completes on time and under budget.

Benefits of 3-Modeling

Centre Pointe Surveying professionals utilize only the very latest 3-D modeling technology to survey and map commercial development projects. One of the first companies in the region to provide modeling services, we are a leading producer of grading models in the Pacific Northwest. And we continue to be at the forefront of the industry. All of our models are built to industry specs in implementing your specific criteria.

3-D Modeling

The success of any land development project is greatly impacted by the use of 3-D modeling. Terrain modeling enables engineers to visualize the project site and brings to light any potential issues early in the planning phase. Identifying these conflicts prior to the commencement of construction can save you significantly in the long run. At Centre Pointe Surveying, we provide complete and finely crafted digital terrain models as integral parts of compressing the schedule, and thereby the budget, of any commercial construction project.

Our 3-D Modeling Services

BIM sample

At Centre Pointe Surveying, we do more than just prepare data – we provide a second check and a thorough review of the plans before you start construction. You can count on us for:

Detailed and accurate Digital Terrain Models (DTMs)
Clean, clear and easy-to-read background maps
Cut and fill maps
Take-off data
Technical support from experienced staff members

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Additionally, our company offers superior land surveying and laser scanning services. When you’re ready to begin your development project, we’re there to help.

We Care About Our Clients

minionIn addition to providing competitive rates and superior 3-D modeling, Centre Pointe Surveying offers a first-rate customer service experience. Our team of specialists takes every project seriously, which is why so many companies from all over the region choose us over our competition. Contact us today if you need prompt, courteous and affordable services.

Regional 3-D Modeling Experts

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