What is Land Surveying in Tacoma?

land surveying, land surveyDo you need to schedule land surveying services in Tacoma, Washington? Many people aren’t quite sure what this process entails or why it’s important. Whether you’re planning a construction project, buying a new home, or financing a house, you’ll need to hire land surveyors. These professionals will be able to create a visual depiction of the property in question, which can be used for many different purposes. In most cases, the process consists of the following steps.

Legal Research

Land surveying begins with legal research. Your surveyor will examine the history of the deed and, in some cases, may complete a title search. This ensures that there are no discrepancies regarding ownership.


The next step is fieldwork. This is when the land surveying professional actually visits the property. He or she will complete sketches of the land, its boundaries and any important features. This duration of this will depend on the size of the property.

Map and Report

The final stage in land surveying is creating a final map and report. Reports generally include written descriptions, street addresses, locations of adjacent properties and possible improvements. The map provided will also detail the properties legal boundaries.

Need Land Surveying Services in Tacoma?

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