Understanding 3D Modeling and Land Surveying in Kent

3D modeling, land surveyingDo you need to schedule land surveying services for an upcoming project in Kent, Washington? Modern technology has quickly advanced the field, providing a wide assortment of unique ways to approach each job. 3D modeling is one way land surveyors can create virtual images of a property. This process can be extremely beneficial for land owners. The following information will help you better understand the 3D modeling process and its benefits.


In land surveying, 3D modeling is a contactless and non-destructive method of developing a physical representation of a specific area. Using laser light and software, a professional can generate an accurate model for review. This method is very accurate and often utilized.


3D modeling is extremely useful. The images created by a professional land surveying team can later be used by engineers and architects. They often utilize this information to make decisions based on the physical properties of the land.


There are several benefits to using 3D modeling in land surveying. 3D modeling takes less time. Physically mapping a property can be time consuming, but using 3D modeling technology allows surveyors to spend less time in the field and more time analyzing data. Results are also more accurate and versatile.

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